The Girls Uninterrupted

Why Roe v Wade being overturned hurts. EVERYWHERE.

June 29, 2022

We get pretty personal about the Roe v Wade overturning and why it is so important to stand up and speak out - even if we don't live in America. This is a hugely distressing and extremely backward moment in history. It's ok to feel upset, it's ok to feel angry, it's super ok to talk about it, but it's also ok to fast-forward this part if it's too much for you right now. 

Then, a Love Island/This Is Going to Hurt debrief.

Caitlin doesn't want us to feel like we have to earn a "reward" when it comes to food and she's bloody bang on.

Brodie's planning Europe, back into the running and even about to start dancing again!

Plus poached eggs: underrated, overrated or perfectly rated? 




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